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The Cooking Class Membership

In the cooking class membership, you will receive access to all of the classes in the library, recipes, and videos to follow along with at your own pace!  


Live Zoom Cooking Classes

Here you will find all of the live zoom cooking classes!  The menus change monthly!  They are fast-paced and lots of fun!



* You are new to cooking gluten free.

* You are looking for new recipes to make.

* You want to make gluten free food taste delicious!

* You want to do a fun group cooking class from the comfort of your home!  

I have been making gluten free food for over ten years! 

I have Celiac Disease so all of my ingredients are gluten free!

I think cooking should be fun and I love sharing my joy of cooking with you!

""I had such a wonderful, fun time taking parting this new (to me) cooking adventure with Michelle! New types of food, that I never fixed, turned out to be SUCH fun & best. of all, very tasty!! And not only that, I found it both fun & helpful to participate in our zoom class. Thank you!""

""Cooking classes with Michelle at GGGF is so much fun! I got to make something I wouldn't normally make for myself. Michelle is a good teacher who checks in frequently to answer questions and make sure you're following along ok. The class is well paced. The food itself turned out super yummy and made me feel like a fancy chef. Overall 10/10.""

""Thank you so much for the fun night of cooking! I cannot believe I cooked a full meal in an hour including delicious cake! I can't wait to do it again!""

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